10 Minutes with Mini’s Bakery Founder

We met up with Ashley from Mini's Bakery to talk about all things wedding and cake related. We guarantee your mouth will be watering by the time you've got to the end!

1. Tell us a bit about Mini’s Bakery and the concept behind it.

Mini’s Bakery was born from a passion for baking. After spending 8 years working in PR for a number of fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle brands, I felt I needed to branch off into something new, challenging and more rewarding. Mini’s Bakery creates bespoke cakes and sweet treats for all occasions.

2. Wedding cakes used to be fruit cake but this no longer seems to be the case. What flavours are you getting asked to do and do you have a signature flavour?

Fruit cakes are certainly less popular than they were 20 years ago. People are mainly opting for a classic vanilla and jam sponge, however we do often get asked for lemon, chocolate and a personal favourite, the carrot cake.

3. How do you work with couples on the design of their wedding cake?

I always offer to meet with the bride and groom before their wedding to discuss their requirements. Often couples have conflicting ideas of what they want their cake to be and so it’s my job to try to find a happy medium for the both of them. We sit and enjoy a coffee and often a few samples for those who just cant decide what to have. We discuss how many people are attending their wedding, what decorations they want and we take it from there.

4. On average, how long does it take you to design, bake and decorate a wedding cake?

The design element can take from one afternoon chatting with the bride and groom to a few weeks, depending on what they want. Many couples are so bombarded by ideas, they need a little help scaling them down to refine their final cake design. The actual make of the cake can take up to a week, if the cake is to have hand made flowers for example, it can take a little longer.

5. What makes a Mini’s Bakery Wedding cake so special?

We like to think that our cakes are special because we love making each and every one. We understand how special the cake is to the bride and groom and we ensure that it is perfect and is created to the highest standard.

6. Recently there seems to have been a trend of swapping the wedding cake for cupcakes. Do you think this will continue or can we expect to see a new trend for 2016?

Cupcake wedding cakes are great fun, I even had one for my own wedding, but the trend is starting to lead towards ‘naked’ cakes. Doing away with the classic fondant icing for a more rustic, simple buttercream filling and nothing else. Think classic Victoria sponge…just wonderful, especially when decorated in fresh flowers or fresh fruit.

7. Have you had any unusual requests from couples for their wedding?

Last year, I had a couple who wanted to have a chocolate Malteaser and Cadbury Fingers cake, decorated in ribbon to reflect the colours of West Ham football team, claret and blue. It was just what they wanted, so we were happy to oblige!

8. As well as wedding cakes and cupcakes, do you do anything else that couple’s may wish to have at their wedding?

Mini’s Bakery also offers a candy table service, which has proved to be VERY popular with guests and makes for a fun addition to the day. We also specialise in edible wedding favours, such as shaped biscuits (heart / dove / cake / flower / champagne glass / etc) which can be embossed with the guests name on, or the date of the wedding, or even the bride and grooms names. All individually wrapped and tied off in coordinating colours to match the wedding theme.

9.What advice would you give brides when it comes to choosing their wedding cake?

Take your time to choose your design, don’t be pressurized into having something bigger than you need, of course you can freeze left overs, but you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted money on too much cake. If you are having unusual flavours, ask for a tasting first, it is important that YOU enjoy your cake! Lastly, fruit cake is a great traditional cake…but you don’t have to have it!

10. Tell us about the wedding cake you had on your wedding day – did you make yours yourself?

As I mentioned before, we opted for a fruit cake top tier to cut on the day and 120 white chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, decorated in handmade roses. My husband banned me from making my own cake, it was deemed too stressful! Which it would have been, cupcakes are best eaten on they day/day after they are made, so that would have meant me spending the whole day before my wedding frantically baking, instead of enjoying time with my girlfriends and family, which is what I did 🙂

Contact details: 01344 885848 / 07921 396 376
www.minisbaery.co.uk / www.facebook.com/minisbakeryltd

Lead times for wedding cakes: 4-6 months minimum, prices from £150.

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