My Bridal Indulgence Wedding: Choosing my wedding dress

As many of you know, I am getting married this year on New Year’s Eve. And it’s coming around quickly!

Now with less than 6 months to go, I thought I’d start writing about my experience of planning my own wedding.

The obvious experience to start with, is choosing my wedding dress.

As soon as anyone finds out that I’m getting married, they straight away ask me about my wedding dress.

“Have I chosen my wedding dress? How did I possibly choose it when I have so much choice? Did I get it from Bridal Indulgence?”

I am definitely feeling A LOT of pressure about my wedding dress!

So let me answer those questions, along with a bit of advice for when you’re wedding dress shopping.

Have I chosen my wedding dress? 

Yes I have 😊 Although I was constantly surrounded by temptation, I managed to wait 6 months from being engaged until I tried any wedding dresses on.  I didn’t want to try any wedding dresses on until I knew I was going to be ready to make a decision on a dress and to have the people whose opinions I trusted with me to make it a special moment.

Special: different from what is usual

If you know you aren’t ready to purchase your wedding dress, then don’t go shopping until you are.  New dresses are coming in, dresses are being discontinued so the assortments will change.  But more importantly, choosing your wedding dress is a special experience and if you’re going to wedding dress shopping every weekend for 6 months, it is no longer special.


How did I possibly choose it when I have so much choice? 

I tried on a total of 4 wedding dresses, including the one I have chosen.  I could have tried on hundreds of dresses, but I would have got confused and fed up and I wanted to keep the experience special.

But it’s not just me who has so much choice.  Everyone does!  There are so different wedding dresses out there.  And this is why I meet so many brides who have got themselves so confused and stressed out about wedding dress shopping.  There is no need to go to every bridal shop and try on hundreds of dresses.  Every bridal boutique is unique catering to different styles, tastes and budgets.  It is always worth doing some research before booking an appointment at a boutique.


Did I get it from Bridal Indulgence?

Of course I have!  I love all the Watters dresses that I have at Bridal Indulgence as I have handpicked them all myself.  So I am really excited that I now get to wear one!  And I now love being able to tell my brides that I will be wearing the same designer as them.

You will often find that you end up being drawn to a particular designer.  Perhaps it reflects your personality or the style of wedding that you’re having.  I’ve had brides come into the boutique who prior to Bridal Indulgence haven’t found any dress that they like and then suddenly they love 5 dresses from the Watters range.  When you’re doing your research, try and find a designer where you love several of their dresses.

Now I must patiently wait for my wedding dress to arrive!  And this is the time when you must stop looking at wedding dresses in magazines and on Pinterest.  Meanwhile I am soon off to look at the new Spring 2019 collections!  But I’m not worried, as I know my dress is ‘the one’.

Kerri x

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