Overshopping the Dress is Real, Here’s how You Can Avoid It

Congratulations! You’re marrying the love of your life in the most important and beautiful outfit you’ll ever wear! There’s only one problem…

You’ve searched high and low in your local boutiques, dragged your ‘maids to three appointments in four hours in the city, you’ve even nosed around the boutiques in Amsterdam during your recent holiday, and yet you don’t seem to have made much progress.

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Overshopping the dress

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You’re not alone. Confused and frustrated brides who have visited multiple boutiques all over the country have told us that their dreams of wedding dress shopping have turned into ivory-coloured, poofy clouds of stress hanging over their wedding planning.

And guess why? They’ve been overshopping the dress! Overshopping the dress is a real thing, and it’s brides’ worst enemy.

Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of your life, and you owe it to your 10-year-old, daydreaming self to get it right. So, make sure you follow these top tips on how to avoid overshopping the dress!

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Overshopping the dress

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How to Avoid Overshopping the Dress

Do Some Research (But Beware of Pinterest)

To avoid overshopping the dress, you need to do some research before you book any appointments. Think about what wedding dresses will suit your body shape, the fabrics you like most and the styles that best portray your personality.

Do, however, avoid ogling that one dress you’ve seen on Pinterest and telling yourself you must find it or your wedding day will be ruined.

A lot of dresses on Pinterest have been discontinued or might be a couple of thousand pounds out of budget, so whilst it’s great to go wedding dress shopping with an idea of what you like, remain open-minded.

Bridal Indulgence Pinterest

After two appointments in the UK, four in Hong Kong and one in South Africa, real bride Stephanie came to Bridal Indulgence with an open mind and willingness to try something a little different to what she’d seen on Pinterest.

“I wasn’t going to go with the style of dress that I chose at all, I had been to a number of different appointments where I tried on more bohemian dresses,” Stephanie explained.

Real bride Stephanie bridal appointment

Image credit: Michelle du Toit.

When we asked real bride Stephanie what advice she’d give to brides starting their wedding dress hunt now, she told us, “don’t discount wedding dresses on the hanger. Try something that perhaps you haven’t even considered. Don’t pigeon-hole your ideas too much.”

Clairee by Wtoo turned out to be the dress of Stephanie’s dreams, so don’t discount dresses because they’re not identical to the ones you love online!

Stephanie wearing her wedding dress from Bridal Indulgence

Image credit: Michelle du Toit.

Overshopping the Dress Leads to Overthinking the Dress

Whilst there’s no correct number of appointments you should go to, brides can normally see a wide variety of wedding dresses from only three boutiques.

Have a look at the styles of wedding dresses and the designers stocked at some of the boutiques you like the look of before you book any appointments.

Check boutiques’ websites for their price points and make sure the dresses are within your budget. There’s really no point exerting all that energy hoisting wedding dresses over your head when you simply can’t afford them… we all know how exhausting trying on wedding dresses is!

Bridal Indulgence website

If you’re heading to 10 appointments, it’s likely you’ll start seeing the same dresses again and again and, trust us, the overexposure is draining, confusing and stalling.

Overshopping the dress steals the magic from wedding dress shopping, so only book at the boutiques you think will have lots of contenders.

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Be Ready to Buy

You never know when you’ll put on that dress that makes you want to tear up (in a good way), so go to each of your appointments ready to buy.

If you can’t make the commitment then and there, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be tempted by more dresses and second-guess your decision, and then you risk overshopping the dress again.

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Bridal Indulgence bridal shop

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Listen to You

Ok, so you have a bridal party of eleven and ideally you’d get each and every one of their opinions when choosing your dress… plus that of your aunt, mum and mother-in-law.

Whilst taking all your besties to your bridal appointments sounds ideal, think again. You only need to watch Say Yes to the Dress to see why too many opinions is a recipe for disaster.

Choose two or three of your closest friends and family members to take with you and try not to let any opinions obscure what you want from your dress. If you’ve always dreamed of lace wedding dresses, or you love the idea of boho-style wedding dresses then listen to your gut and go with what you really want.

Lace wedding dress by Willowby

Once You’ve Said “Yes”, Stop Searching

Once you found the person you’re going to marry, you didn’t keep searching, so don’t let it be any different with ‘the dress’.

If you’ve found your wedding dress, unplug from the search to avoid overshopping the dress. Quit searching on Pinterest and unfollow any Instagram accounts to do with wedding dress shopping.

We’re all a little guilty of overthinking our wedding dress choices, after all, your wedding dress is one of the most important outfits you’ll ever wear. Here’s how Bridal Indulgence owner Kerri chose her wedding dress, despite having too many options!

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