Preparing for Your Bridal Appointment: Expert Tips

Shopping for your wedding dress is like no other shopping experience. For the duration of your private bridal appointment, you’ll have your very own expert on hand to guide you around the spacious boutique. It's a truly magical and memorable experience, and here's how you can make the most of it.

Wedding dress at bridal appointment

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Before you head to your bridal appointment, make sure you read our expert tips on how best to prep in order for you to make the most out of it.

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Hone Your Style

Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best places to get that much-needed initial bridal inspiration. Follow your favourite bridal designers and boutiques and stay up to date with the best bridal blogs (like this journal!) to hone your style.

Boho wedding dresses

For example, are you into lace wedding dresses, boho-style wedding dresses or are considering following the wedding dress with sleeves trend?

Follow Bridal Indulgence on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our favourite styles.

Eat Something Before Your Bridal Appointment

Wedding dresses are heavy and getting in and out of six within an hour-long bridal appointment can be exhausting. Not to mention the mental drain that comes with making the big decision.

Whilst there’s no need to break any pre-wedding diets with a full English, make sure you eat something before your appointment!

Overshopping the dress

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What to Wear to Your Bridal Appointment

Let’s Start with the Underwear…

A lot of the more luxurious wedding dresses are made from delicate silks and laces (like the Bridal Indulgence range), so in order to avoid the dreaded VPL, it’s best to pop on a pair of light coloured/nude seamless underwear.

If you’ve not got a pair of these, not to worry, Bridal Indulgence stocks a no VPL range by Chantelle Lingerie, so we’ve got you covered!

Real bride Stephanie bridal appointment

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Wearing the right bra is a bit more important as they completely change the look and fit of a dress. Make sure you have a think about the shape you’re hoping to achieve for your big day and go with a bra that gives you this.

If you’re after a strapless wedding dress, pack a strapless or stick-on bra in your handbag and bring it to your appointment.

Love the look of backless dresses? We’ll need to add cups to these (padded or non-padded, it’s your choice!) so you won’t need a bra for these ones!

Bride Stephanie bridal appointment

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How High are Your Heels?

It’s likely you’ve not even thought about the shoes you’ll be wearing, but if you already have your wedding shoes, bring these along to your bridal appointment.

Yet to get the shoes? The most important thing to consider ahead of your appointment is height: are you more likely to go with a six-inch stiletto or are you loving the wedding trainer trend?

Bring your wedding shoes along to bridal appointment

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Knowing how much height your shoes are going to give you is important as this will give you a good idea of how the dress will look with your shoes on.

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Light on the Makeup

I’m sure you’re aware by now that designer wedding dresses aren’t cheap! When trying samples, it’s best to keep makeup light, so there’s less chance of marking the dresses.

Avoid wearing makeup to your bridal appointment

The same goes for fake tan. Please try and lay off the spray until after your appointment!

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How to Wear Your Hair

Bride doing hair

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Try and wear your hair similarly to how you’ll wear it on your wedding day. This is not to say you should spend an hour curling your hair before your bridal appointment but bear in mind that your hairstyle will affect your look.

Don’t Forget to Take Jewellery to Your Bridal Appointment

Bridal earrings

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If you have heirlooms or meaningful jewellery that you’ll definitely be wearing down the aisle, make sure you bring these along to your bridal appointment too!

Bridal jewellery

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Not sure what jewellery you’re after? No worries, book an appointment at Bridal Indulgence and try our stunning range of bohemian and vintage accessories.

Who to Bring to Your Bridal Appointment

Whilst it’s important that you don’t have too many opinions, you’ll want to bring your besties to your bridal appointment.

Bridal Indulgence bride with bridesmaids

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A lot of bridal boutiques, including our own, have a maximum allowance of four guests, so make sure you utilise this and choose a date both your mum and best friend can make! After all, they don’t want to miss this!

For more wedding-planning hacks, find out how to avoid overshopping the dress.

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