Bridal Indulgence Bride Hannah Wearing Heartleaf by Willowby

Our laid-back Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah met plumber and heating engineer Tom in a pub. The pair married at the stunning Old Greens Barn in Newdigate and Hannah chose to wear Heartleaf by Willowby for her big day.

Bride wearing wedding dress with flowers

We caught up with Hannah after her wedding day to find out more about how she chose her wedding dress and all the other wedding planning details.

Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah wearing colourful wedding dress Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah wearing colourful wedding dress Heartleaf by Willowby

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Why did you choose Heartleaf by Willowby?

I chose the Heartleaf by Willowby because it caught my eye as soon as I walked into Bridal Indulgence because of the beautiful coloured flowers all over it! I was pretty nervous about my wedding day so my main aim was to be comfortable all day and this dress just made me feel so at ease.

Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah wearing wedding dress by Willowby

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What accessories did you pair Heartleaf by Willowby with?

I went down the comfortable route again and wore some Toms in the same colour as my underskirt. I’m not used to wearing jewellery so just ended up with a cat la menagerie necklace as I’d been admiring my friends one for so long and I love cats!

Old Greens Barn in Newdigate wedding venue

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What was your experience shopping at Bridal Indulgence?

I did a lot of googling and looking on Pinterest for styles and really didn’t like anything until I found Wtoo by Watters and Willowby by Watters. I loved the whole range, they’re all just a bit different and super flowy and relaxed! Bridal Indulgence was the nearest stockist to me so I immediately googled it and loved the vibe so booked an appointment!

Bride wearing Willowby by Watters wedding dress

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Tell us more about your wedding venue

Old Greens Barn in Newdigate is a beautiful setting with the lakes and greenery surrounding it.

Lake at Old Greens Barn in Newdigate

It was a pretty blank slate so we could do what we wanted and we also got two days to set up before which was a massive bonus. We didn’t really set out to have a specific theme, we just wanted it all to be really natural and relaxed. 

Gorgeous rustic barn wedding venue UK

Who’s the wedding photographer responsible for your gorgeous images?

Sarah Ann Wright. There are so many photographers out there to search through – it was a minefield! In the end, I decided to look at photographers who had shot at our venue before. Again, we really wanted a natural vibe with the photography style and Sarah’s whole portfolio stood out to me. 

Wedding photography for Bridal Indulgence bride

Sarah is magic! She captured all the beautiful little memories from the day (some of which even I’d forgotten) without me even realising she was there taking the photo! I’m so, so happy with how the photos turned out, Sarah captured the day so perfectly. 

What hair and makeup looks did you go for?


Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah with Husband Tom

I wasn’t too fussy about having ‘perfect’ hair or makeup so one of my bridesmaids helped me style my hair and I did my own makeup. I bought some little grips to add to my hair from Etsy. I just tried to match the look of my dress!

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How did you choose your flowers? 

I chose my flowers really last minute. To save money, I decided to sort my own greenery but I’m pretty indecisive and I must have changed my mind about 100 times throughout the year!

Bridesmaids wearing mint and pink bridesmaid outfits

In the end, I just bought some different eucalyptus and gypsophila as they’re simple and goes with anything! For ease, I also ended up buying a bunch of dried flowers as I thought they matched the atmosphere of the barn. 

The day before my wedding, my sister and I randomly bunched some of them together and made my bouquets. I think they turned out quite nicely! I’ve also still got mine in a vase at home as they last about a year, so that’s a bonus!

Bridal Indulgence coloured wedding dress

Where did your partner get their outfit? 

He went to Reiss for his outfit. He wanted to be comfortable too so went for a shirt, tie, braces and trousers, with no jacket. 


Groomsmen at Old Greens Barn in Newdigate wedding venue

Tell us about your bridesmaids

I had four bridesmaids and I tried to pick out four colours from my dress, one for each of the four of them. After a big old search, we ended up with just two colours between them – mint green and pink.

Bridal Indulgence bride Hannah with bridesmaids

What transport did you have and why?

We decided to use my mum’s black convertible Volkswagen Beetle, it’s her midlife crisis purchase!

Black convertible VW beetle wedding car

We didn’t think we’d be able to use to its full capacity because it was forecast to rain for our wedding day, but then the sun came out just as we left the church, so we had the roof down for our short ride to the venue. It was great!

Old Greens Barn in Newdigate rustic wedding venue

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What was the most memorable moment of your big day?  

A group of my super talented musical friends surprised me with a special arrangement including one of my and my husband’s favourite song. It was amazing, even if it did take a while for some guests to realise that it was planned and not just a singalong! 

Wedding entertainment at wedding at Old Greens Barn in Newdigate wedding venue

This was a really overwhelming moment!

Finally, what’s your wedding advice for other brides?

Relax and just have fun. 

Bridal party at Old Greens Barn in Newdigate wedding venue

It’s also only one day and it goes by so quickly! It’s the marriage that’s more exciting anyway!

Anything else to add?

I can’t not mention our caterers! We used Browns Kitchen Ltdand they were absolutely incredible so I don’t want to miss them out! 

Wedding Food at Bridal Indulgence Hannah's wedding

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