Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy wearing Philomena by Willowby

Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy met her now-husband Nick when her friend brought her along to his party. After only a brief chat, the pair discovered that their paths had crossed multiple times in the past: their brothers were friends, Nick’s best friend lived next to Poppy’s parents and they even used to catch the same bus every morning. 

Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy and Nick on their wedding day

With the wedding planning over, our lovely couple have a lot more free time, which they tend to spend redecorating their house. We caught up with Poppy to bring back those magical wedding day memories. 

How did you choose your wedding dress?

I chose Philomena by Willowby because I loved the detailing on the dress, and I wanted an A-line wedding dress because I find these wedding dresses most figure-flattering for my body shape. Plus, A-lines are the most practical for vigorous dancing in the evening!

A-line wedding dress from Bridal Indulgence

I had a bit of an entourage with me when I went dress shopping. I took my mum, my sister, my best friend and my eight-year-old niece. When I came out of the dressing room in my wedding dress everyone’s reactions spoke volumes. 

My niece said, “Aunty Poppy, that dress is so nice it makes me feel beautiful and I’m not even wearing it”. That was the deciding thing for me. 

Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy with confetti being thrown over her

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How Did Your Dress Make You Feel On Your Wedding Day?

I can’t put into words how the Philomena by Willowby dress made me feel, but the expression on my husband’s face said it all. I just feel like it was designed specifically for me and my day.

Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy in Philomena by Willowby

How did you accessorise Philomena by Willowby?

The only accessories I had were some Kora Chandelier earrings from I was slightly worried they would be too much, but with my hair and makeup done they were perfect. 

Bridal Indulgence Poppy and husband Nick at church ceremony

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What was your experience at Bridal Indulgence like? 

I chose to go to Bridal Indulgence because even the couple of emails I exchanged with Kerri made me feel comfortable. I explained to Kerri that it was my first time trying on wedding dresses she put me at ease immediately. 

Married couple on their dance floor at festival wedding

When we arrived for my appointment, we were all taken aback by how beautiful the Bridal Indulgence boutique is and how friendly and welcoming Kerri was.

Book an appointment at Bridal Indulgence to check the boutique out for yourself. 

Where did you get married?

Our venue was a place called Dilton Vale Farm in Westbury, Wiltshire. We had a bohemian themed wedding day which meant we had giant high-hat tipis provided by Buffalo Tipis. The venue was a perfect compromise between what Nick and I wanted, as I was looking for somewhere natural and he wanted a venue with a lake.

Festival wedding at Dilton Vale Farm in Westbury, Wiltshire

I couldn’t recommend both vendors enough, they both went above and beyond to make my vision come to life. The tipi company even stayed later to help put up my mirror ball!

Who’s the wedding photographer responsible for your gorgeous images?

Adam Carter did our wedding photography. We chose him because a friend of mine used him and the photos he produced for her were exactly what I wanted: natural and non-invasive.

Bridal Indulgence Poppy's bridal party stood outside the church

All of our guests commented on how they forgot he was even there, and our final images are breath-taking. 

Bridesmaid sat by the lake with flowergirls

What did you choose to have for your hair and makeup?

I wanted a very natural look for our wedding day as I didn’t want to walk down the aisle and for Nick to not recognise me!

I’m not a big makeup-wearer and I knew I wanted to be able to look back at the photos and think I looked like me. My hair was done by Sabrina Adcock of Rework and Rewind, she’s been doing my hair for the last 10 years and there is no one else in this world that I would allow touch my hair. 

Married couple Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy with husband Nick

We had a few trials and finally settled on my hairstyle on the week of the wedding, so it was fresh in her mind. My makeup was done by Christina Ottaway of The Mill Beauty Studio. Christina did the bridal party’s makeup for my sister’s wedding and I remember feeling incredible on the day so knew she was my lady. 

Both Sabrina and Christina worked seamlessly on the morning of my wedding day and helped get me out of the house on time. It was raining on the morning of my wedding but both Sabrina and Chrissy helped me to not even worry about the weather.

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How did you choose your flowers? 

The flowers were important to me; I wanted them everywhere. I chose Craft and Petal as Louise is a friend of a friend, but my friend didn’t do Louise and Bex enough justice for how amazingly talented they are. 

Vintage wedding flowers at Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy's festival wedding

We had various meetings and they helped me to create a Pinterest look on my budget. I cried when they brought the flowers in on the morning of the wedding because they were so stunning. 

Flower ring at Bridal Indulgence Poppy's festival wedding

My granny, who’s a big gardener, helped us save a few pennies. We bought loads of peony and hydrangea bushes a couple of years before the wedding and picked them and made a big floral ring the day before. We also did some foraging a few days before the wedding to bulk out the flower hoop and my disco ball wreath.

Tell us about your catering

We chose Vaughans Catering as their restaurant in our town was always booked so we thought that was a good sign. We chose to go with them as they use locally-sourced ingredients and the Madagascan Rum Brownies they made for us were incredible. 

We had a very social set up on the day, with sharing platters brought to each table. Anita and Tom, who ran the day for us, were great. When Nick and I arrived Anita had made sure we had a drink and some of the canapés, they also made sure we had some pudding saved in the fridge for the following day. 

They were just perfect! Not only did they create beautiful food, but they ran the day for us which took so much pressure off. We can’t recommend them enough.

Where did you get your cake?

I’m not too fussed about cake but it’s Nick’s kryptonite so I let him decide the flavour. We had carrot cake for the bottom layer, white chocolate and raspberry for the middle and lemon with fresh poppy seeds for the top. We saved our top tier for us to enjoy with our families the following day.

Tiered square wedding cake for festival wedding

Design-wise, we went for a semi-naked square cake with a cube at the top and we covered it with flowers that matched those throughout our wedding day. 

Where did your partner get their outfit? 

Nick had a vision of what he wanted to wear, I laughed at him when he said he wanted to wear a 3-piece tweed suit in the middle of June but luckily for him, it wasn’t too hot! The guys ordered their suits from Tru Clothing and they had the Kempson Navy Cavani suit. 

Groomsmen on Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy's wedding day

They also had grey tweed dickie bows and pocket squares. In the evenings the jackets came off and the sleeves were rolled up. All the guys looked so handsome! 

Tell us about your bridesmaids

I had five adult bridesmaids and three flower girls. The adult bridesmaids were in grey dresses that I found on ASOS and the flower girls were in white flower girl dresses that I had made bespoke. The dresses suited all of the girls and the smaller girls felt like princesses in theirs.

Poppy's bridal party on her wedding day

What transport did you have and why?

We are very lucky that my grandad has an old Ford Anglia and belongs to the local motor club. He spoke with one of the guys in the club and he said he would give me a lift to the church in his 1914 Unic. Both cars did two trips, taking the bridesmaids, flower girls and my mum to the church. 

Real bride Poppy wearing Philomena by Willowby

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Not bad for a freebie. It’s true what they say: “It’s not what you know but who you know.”

Tell us about your wedding stationery

This was another freebie! My friend has done a few design bits before and she agreed to do all our wedding stationery for us. She created the design and Nick and I filled it in with all the text needed. This really tied everything together for our day as all the details matched, which didn’t go unnoticed by our guests.

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What entertainment did you have?

We had the best band for our entertainment. They’re called the Folk Junkies; they do covers of modern songs but with an electric folk twist. The Folk Junkies had everyone on the dance floor all night and I had the time of my life dancing the night away with all of my nearest and dearest. I was hooked on their videos the minute I heard them. 

Bridal Indulgence bride Poppy in Philomena by Willowby on the dance floor

What was the most memorable moment of your big day?  

For me, my most memorable moment was looking out from the dance floor at all of our guests enjoying themselves and celebrating us. We wanted the day to be relaxed and this was just what it was like. 

A lot of our guests told us that seeing Nick and me so happy and in love really made the day, they could feel the love we have for each other. 

Another memorable moment was the surprise fireworks that Nick’s brother and groomsmen had organised at the end of the night.

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Finally, what’s your wedding advice for other brides?

My advice for upcoming brides is to just enjoy all aspects of wedding planning. I learnt quickly that no one else cared about my wedding as much as I did and that I couldn’t control everything. Once I learnt this it made the whole planning process much easier. 

Bride walking into the church with her dad

I religiously watched the weather two weeks leading up to the day and we had rain in the morning and whilst we were in church. The rain made for some fun shots with umbrellas coming out of the car. I wasn’t even bothered in the end. 

I would also say that it’s important to take some time with your partner. We drove ourselves to our wedding reception, which was half an hour away. So this was a special little nugget of time where we were in our own little bubble. 

My last piece of advice is that you only do this day once, so if you want that massive ice sculpture then you go for it! My huge disco ball from Cinemattag was a must-have and I’m so pleased I didn’t compromise on it! 

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