Clairee by Wtoo: Real Bride Stephanie’s Story

Business Manager Stephanie met her husband Edward, a Commodity Trader, when the pair lived in Hong Kong. Stephanie wore the stunning Clairee by Wtoo when she and Edward said their vows in a South African vineyard last month.

The Wedding Dress Search: Clairee by Wtoo

We caught up with the lovely Stephanie who bought her stunning Clairee by Wtoo wedding dress from the boutique. Stephanie told us all about her gorgeous South African vineyard wedding and exactly what caught her eye when she picked Clairee by Wtoo.

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When we phoned Stephanie for a post-wedding lowdown, our real bride spoke excitedly as she reminisced about her wedding day and her experience shopping for her wedding dress.

Stephanie’s Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

“I had two appointments in the UK, one in South Africa and four in Hong Kong before I went to Kerri’s,” Stephanie explained. “I’d tried multiple different countries and I would walk away from each appointment feeling really upset that I wasn’t going to find anything.

“Kerri’s was different because it was the first appointment that I had where every dress I put on, I thought, ‘this could be a contender’.”

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Shopping at Bridal Indulgence

“Shopping at Bridal Indulgence was amazing because, for one, Kerri’s amazing and the studio is beautiful. 

“Also,” Stephanie continued, “Kerri has no limitation to the number of dresses you can try on, she was so accommodating. A lot of the studios you go into and you’re one of two people in a small shop, trying on dresses, you’re lucky if you get the place to yourself.

“Whereas with Kerri, you walk in, you get the place to yourself and Kerri was like, ‘take out anything you want to try on’.”

Finding Clairee by Wtoo

“I wasn’t going to go with the style of dress that I chose at all, I had been to a number of different appointments where I tried on more bohemian dresses. When I got to Kerri’s, I pulled out all the designs I’d been going for in the past and then my sister pulled out the Clairee by Wtoo.”

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When Stephanie first saw Clairee by Wtoo she liked the lace but thought the dress itself was quite unusual, “I wasn’t too sure about that”, our real bride explained.

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“When I tried Clairee by Wtoo on, it was the first dress that I didn’t feel self-conscious in. So many other dresses that I’d tried on has made me feel like my arms looked too big, my stomach bloated, or pushed my boobs up.

“That’s the great thing about Kerri’s; I was able to try on dresses I couldn’t have considered in other bridal boutiques.

“Clairee by Wtoo was also a dress that I could last the whole day in which was great. My wedding day was 40 degrees which was the hottest day they’ve had in Cape Town for so long, and I just thought ‘thank God I didn’t choose a big heavy dress!’

“The dress had a slit up the front which meant that I could get some breeze and it was quite a light dress so it worked out so perfect for the day.”

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The Accessories to Match Clairee by Wtoo

“Jewellery-wise, I got my veil with Kerri – it was a Rainbow Club one that she recommended. It was just a plain long one, which I loved as well.

“I paired Clairee by Wtoo with super cheap shoes from Cotton On. I saw them when I wasn’t even looking for shoes, they were an Oyster colour and so was my dress so they went really well.”

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Bride Stephanie bridal appointment

The Wedding Hurdle

When planning her wedding, Stephanie struggled most with being unfamiliar with the country and currency she’d just moved to. “We lived in Hong Kong before moving to south Africa and we moved to South Africa just before we got married so I didn’t know where to start with planning a wedding.

“I planned to get my dress in Hong Kong but when I was over in the UK visiting my parents I found Bridal Indulgence because Kerri stocks Wtoo and Watters.

“The Clairee by Wtoo sample dress that I tried on at Kerri’s pretty much fitted me perfectly so, whilst I knew it was a risk trying to get one from a country that I wasn’t living in because I couldn’t really do fittings, I also knew it hardly needed any alterations, so I thought it would be pretty safe.

“We also got legally married in Guildford in the UK in October, and so I knew that I could order my dress with Kerri and do the fittings in October and it would be ready!”

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Stephanie’s Favourite Part of Her Wedding

Our real bride’s favourite part of her wedding was hosting it in her birth country. “We loved it. I’m South African by birth, but my husband is English so it was nice to have a South African wedding,” Stephanie recalled.

“It was really nice because our friends and family all experienced our lives for a week. We’ve lived abroad for so long and so it’s always us going to visit them so it was really nice having them come and visit us instead. That was definitely my favourite part.”

Stephanie’s Wedding Dress Shopping Advice

“From my experience, I’d say don’t discount wedding dresses on the hanger. Try something that perhaps you haven’t even considered. Don’t pigeon-hole your ideas too much.”

We absolutely love meeting real brides like Stephanie and matching them with their dream dresses. Book an appointment at Bridal Indulgence to come and see the stunning collection of wedding dresses or read Bridal Indulgence bride Elle’s story finding her dream dress.

Image credit: Michelle du Toit.

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