Sustainable and Bohemian: The Perfect Wedding Photo Shoot

We’ve recently been involved in a photo shoot with Fiesta Fields and Canvas & Light. Fiesta Fields is a wedding and events company with a dedicated team of event coordinators who love nothing more than helping couples plan their dream wedding.

Our most recent wedding photo shoot with them gives an insight into what an outdoor, bohemian and sustainable wedding with Fiesta Fields and Bridal Indulgence would look like. Think muted colour pallets, giant tipis from Canvas & Light and gorgeous wedding accessories.

Models at wedding photo shoot with Bridal Indulgence

We were delighted that Nikki asked us to be involved in her project because the theme for the shoot perfectly aligns with our brand. We caught up with Nikki to find out a little more about the inspiration behind the shoot, how she went about creating it and how she ensured it had sustainable elements.

Bride and groom at wedding photo shoot Fiesta Fields

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What was the theme for the wedding photo shoot?

“I love all things boho, so that was always going to be my starting point,” Nikki explained. “I’m loving the trend with all the muted colour palettes, pampas grasses and dried florals at the moment. They add gorgeous textures with the added benefit of being reusable.

“I’d also seen work by Emily of Faux Bloom and was impressed at the quality and ‘realness’ of what she offers, so was really keen to have her on board. And that was really my starting point.”

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Why and how did you ensure the shoot had a focus on sustainability?

“I have always tried to be responsible with the way I live, recycling, reducing waste and encouraging others to do so. I understand sustainable isn’t always the most cost-effective route, but when it comes to the environment, I think every little helps.

“Using faux bloom, which can be used time and time again, is a no brainer when you see the quality available nowadays. You can also create floral installations that would be cost-prohibitive using fresh flowers.

Boho flowers bridal photo shoot

“I understand fragrance is something you don’t get from faux flowers so I invited Kayleigh from the Flower Hub to be involved as well. I wanted to show that even just a few fresh flowers can be really effective. Kayleigh mostly uses locally grown British flowers to ensure they don’t come with the carbon footprint of hundreds of air miles.

Bohemian bride wearing Poppy and Chicory by Willowby bridal separates

“We wanted to show that you easily mix faux and fresh flowers. Our brides’ bouquet was faux but she wore a fresh flower crown. We also used lots of pampas grasses and dried florals for styling, which are of course are reusable as well.”

Why did you choose to work with Bridal Indulgence for the shoot?

“Kerri was actually recommended by Emily. Emily mentioned Kerri in passing and when I visited the website I was so excited.

“I had a list of four dresses (Vaughn and Lenora by Wtoo and Vendella by Watters) that I thought would work with the look, but the two-piece (Poppy and Chicory by Willowby) was totally perfect.

Poppy and Chicory by Willowby bridal separates

“It made me a little bit sad I’m already married and didn’t get to wear a wedding dress like this!”

Wedding dress from Bridal Indulgence bridal boutique

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So, how did you get into weddings?

“I used to work in travel marketing, project management and print production in London advertising agencies, so I’ve spent my working life ‘organising’, whether that’s shoots, pitches or events.

Canvas and light Fiesta Fields Bridal Indulgence wedding

“When I moved to Surrey in 2011, following the birth of our daughter, I wanted to put my skills to use and create a business that would give me the freedom to be a working Mum with flexibility over my hours.

“Fiesta Fields is now four years old, has eight stunning venues, where we have hosted over 50 events. I can honestly say this was the best decision I ever made. This is not just a job for me. It’s very personal. I love to help people achieve their dreams and being part of people’s special day or celebration is such a privilege.”

Styled bridal photo shoot

What inspired you to set up your own brand?

“When I was planning my own outdoor wedding in 2014, I wondered whether I could help others to plan theirs. An outdoor wedding or event is amazing as you are able to make every single choice about every aspect.

Canvas and Light tipi Fiesta Fields

“I asked the guy who owned my wedding field if he was happy for me to market his field. He said ‘yes’, and the rest is history!”

Finally, what does your typical Fiesta Fields couple look like?

“Our couples tend to want their day to be a bit different from the norm, and definitely less formal than your average wedding. They also want the freedom to create a one-off, unique day, that ‘wows’ their guests with the level of effort that’s gone in and how personal it feels to them.”

Canvas and light Fiesta Fields Bridal Indulgence wedding

If you’re dreaming of a boho wedding like this one make sure you check out our favourite bohemian wedding dresses and book an appointment at Bridal Indulgence to come and have a look at them for yourself!

The Dream Team:

Tipis: Canvas & Light
Venue: Fiesta Fields
Photographer: Abigail White Photo + Film
Faux flowers: Faux Bloom
Florist: The Flower Hub
Hair & Makeup artist: Gemma Louise Bridal

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